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Coaching in English

For expats in The Hague area

Sometimes you just want someone to talk to who really understands all about the trait of being a highly sensitive person. Don't you?

Or even better; someone who knows about the complexness of being highly sensitive as well a sensation seeking person.

There's a lot of challenges that may come with the trait.

Being vulnerable for rejection sensitivity might be one of them.


In that case it possibly is be more important for your coach to truly understand and have all the experience in this work field than explicitly being a native English speaker, which I am not.

So although English isn't my native language, I've been proven to be quite sufficient at coaching in English.


People from all over the globe have experienced online coaching, from Greenville, Maine (USA) to Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

And also live in my practice.

It sometimes takes a little bit more patient on both sides to get the nuance right, but if we are both willing it really works out well.

Coaching for expats in The Hague area

You might be living in The Hague for a while now and looking for coaching tot help you on your individual path of growth. You are more than welcome to inquiry what De Witruimte Coaching can do to help you out. 

Feel free to contact me about the options.

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